SIMPLES : SIMPlification of written Languages 

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1. Objectives: in response to the Call for Tenders of the French “DIGITAL ACCESSIBILITY” future investment program, the R&D project called “SIMPLES” develops solutions to simplify and summarize digital content enabling people with intellectual disabilities to have easier access to contents (like administrative documents, online journals, fora, audiovisual content, etc.). The content simplification is expected as a result of the development of a hybrid system combining open-source technologies as well as unsupervised learning systems like “Deep Learning” and recurrent neural networks.

2. Consultants & Partners are involved in carrying out Easy-to-Read needs. The collected qualitative data makes it possible to understand how to approach the simplification of administrative documents, via artificial intelligence , and to facilitate, in fine, access to information (whether the format is digital or physical) for people with cognitive deficits. This report is available here in French: The study was also presented in a workshop surrounded by the concerned ecosystem. The presentations are available in French here:

3. Achievements: the project aims to create a platform in French called LIREC, which addresses people with intellectual disabilities and people who produce simplified or Easy-to read texts.