Media4Dplayer: the  accessible media player for all

Logo media4DplayerMedia4Dplayer, is the public multi-stream and multi-accessible multimedia player 4 screens: TV, PC, tablet and smartphone.
Media4Dplayer is an R&D project labeled by the Cap Digital competitiveness cluster and co-financed under the Single French Interministerial Fund (FUI 18) by the région Île-de-France and the Public Investment Bank (BPIfrance). This collaborative project is part of the strategy of the Cap Digital competitiveness cluster, developed in the field of content accessibility, digital development and silver economy. This project started in January 2015 for 18 months.

1- Holken Consultants Dissemination & User Tests

Holken Consultants & Partners, as a consulting company specializing in changes in the cultural industries and the go-to-the-market for innovations, was at the initiative of this project via media4D, a social innovation platform which focuses on accessibility and the media. Media4D is a brand founded by Holken Consultants & Partners. This initiative has benefited within the framework of Greater Paris projects from a public-private partnership (2012 to 2014). Phase during which the partners identified the need to develop a multi-accessible, multi-stream and multi-support player.

As part of the media4Dplayer project, Holken Consultants & Partners act as a subcontractor for the academic laboratories CHArt of the l’Université Paris 8 and Artemis of the l’Institut Mines Télécoms. Thus, Holken Consultants intervene within the framework of the activities:

• Communication, dissemination, Advisory Board and exploitation,
• Implementation of focus groups and user tests. The installation of tests on a larger scale is planned in the North Parisian territory in the agglomeration of Plaine Commune,
•  Drafting of activity reports.

2- Objectives of the media4Dplayer project

Infographie: Media4Dplayer présentation du projetThe media4Dplayer project deals with the issues of media accessibility for all citizens in the environment of connected screens. Aiming for an inclusive society, the media4Dplayer participates in the starting point of a universal accessibility market. It thus aims to satisfy the interests of all.
This social innovation project develops an open-source multimedia player, multi-stream and multi-accessible for all audiences. These are more particularly aging populations and people with disabilities. Without forgetting the fragile populations and/or those with poor command of speaking or writing the French language.

3- Project’s contact

Status Contact(s) Link(s)
Web site Holken Consultants
Project partners France TV, La Poste, ATEME, DOTSCREEN, Mines Telecom, CHArt, Plaine Commune, La Région Ile-de-France et la Bpifrance Les partenaires media4Dplayer
Project coordinator Matthieu Parmentier – France Télévisions
Technical coordinator Michael Hazan – France Télévisions