HBB4ALL: Connected TV and Accessibility Services for all

Logo du projet européen HBB4ALLThe European project HBB4ALL (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband For All) addresses the issues of media accessibility for all citizens in the connected TV environment. It is co-financed by the European Commission within the framework of the CIP program.

The project analyzes the provision of content on TV, PC, tablet and smartphone with a range of communication solutions such as subtitling, audio description, “clean audio”, and many customizable features. Several languages of the European Union, sign language, and the linguistic situation – monolingualism, bilingualism – are considered. Not to mention the three translation modes: dubbing, subtitling and voice-over. The project thus operates under the HbbTV (Hybrid Broadband & Broadcast TV).standard. For their interactive services, broadcasters and television channels are increasingly adopting this European standard.

1- Holken Consultants Dissemination and Exploitation

Holken Consultants is a full partner in this European project. Our firm manages:

– The design and execution of the dissemination and marketing strategy,
– Communication & management (on- and offline),
– Development of the operating strategy for “access services”,
– Set up and management of the project Advisory Board (advisory board of the project),
– Networking and event organization.

2- Objectives of the HBB4ALL project

The HBB4ALL project aims to:

  • Groupe photo: partenaires HBB4ALL & Conseil ConsultatifPromote future solutions for better media accessibility, building on the HbbTV standard,
  • Carry out large-scale user tests of these innovative European services (Germany, Spain, Portugal),
  • Introduce expert testing of new workflows for the production of accessibility services at broadcasters/TV channels,
  • Understand interoperability in a multi-platform and multilingual environment in order to test easy solutions for media accessibility;
  • Promote accessibility as an added value for education and social inclusion;
  • Become a key platform in the e-inclusion economy to foster the emergence of universal accessibility concepts and tools to satisfy the diverse interests of all social groups.

3- project’s contact

Status Contact(s) Link(s)
Website Holken Consultants www.hbb4all.eu
Project partners France, Germany, Spain, Portugal
Switzerland, Netherlands, UK
Les partenaires HBB4ALL
Project coordinator P. Orero & Juan F. Sangüesa – UAB, University Autonoma of Barcelona hbb4all@info.eu