Our services

“Tailor-made” services to achieve goals by considering social innovation and societal challenges

We are mainly active in the media, content industries and the digital economy. With our services, we support our clients and partners in their strategic and market developments. We consider the challenges of social innovation and societal change and provide them with the support to launch their business(es) in emerging markets, as well as the internationalization of their services, and building their business model(s).


Project(s) Conceptualization and Strategic Implementation

  • Conceptualize or co-create: from idea to strategic planning
  • Foster cooperation between different actors
  • Bring new projects to light
  • Create and establish multi-stakeholder Advisory boards
  • Implement all or part of a pre-defined strategy

Market Research & Analysis

  • Qualitative analyzes of (inter)national business-to-business markets
  • Economic, sociological, feasibility, customer satisfaction studies
  • Competitive, positioning studies
  • Benchmarks and technology intelligence
  • Focus Group and User Testing
  • Pre-merger/acquisition reviews
  • Socio-economic Analysis considering the business-to-consumer aspect

“TAIlor-made” support

  • Management and development of study projects/tailor-made advice
  • Audit of research structures and marketing & communication departments
  • Setting up study teams and entities
  • Support in the implementation and  evaluation of study projects
  • Project monitoring and evaluation of results
  • Support for mastering intercultural/intersectoral/international projects.


  • Develop cross-sectoral (national and international) partnerships 
  • Negotiate solutions for public/private projects through “call for tenders” 
  • Internal/external training:
    • Targeting the market and the appropriate positioning
    • Develop a market research project
    • Negotiate with decision makers
    • Set up public-private partnerships


  • Develop dissemination / communication / marketing / exploitation strategies
  • Design multi-stakeholder and (social) networking strategies
  • Deploy communication/marketing plans
  • Develop Expert Advisory Board(s)
  • Organize events (conferences, workshops, conferences, symposiums, etc.)
  • Organize Think Tanks or thinking groups, bring in stakeholders and public speakers