MOSAIC: ICT and societal & industrial challenges, Horizon 2020

Logo projet MOSAICThis EU-MED TIC project is the result of cooperation between Mediterranean and European partners. And this with the aim of creating opportunities around ICT, within the framework of the Societal & Industrial Challenges of Horizon 2020. The project MOSAIC promotes R&D cooperation between Europe and the Mediterranean partner countries through European programs as well as third countries’ programs.

In order to strengthen cooperation between Euro-Mediterranean organisations, MOSAIC proposes the creation of 2 Technology Platforms – TP. They are intended for the 2 regions:

• MED-TP1 covering the Maghreb countries (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia).
• MED-TP2 covering the Mashreq countries (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria).

1- Holken Consultants: Partner for Studies & EU-MED Analyzes

The role of Holken Consultants & Partners is to contribute to the development of the SRIA (Strategic Research and Innovation Program) and dissemination/exploitation.

2- Objectives of the MOSAIC project

Projet MOSAIC EU-MED: photo de groupe

MOSAIC relies on information and communication technologies (ICT) to study how they can support societal challenges. Common to the EU-MED, these challenges concern specific areas such as:

– health and well-being, food,
– sectors such as agriculture, renewable energy, transport,
– the climate situation,
– risk management,
– the security of the societies.

The Technology Platform (TP) resulting from the MOSAIC project aims to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Analyze potential areas of cooperation between European and Mediterranean countries in the thematic area of ICT applications to societal challenges,
  • Identify key stakeholders to initiate and run TPs in MED countries, including representatives from industry (large companies and SMEs) and academia,
  • Promote and support the creation of TPs in MED countries, including the production of a vision document and Strategic Research and Innovation Agendas (SRIA), as tools to set up sustainable scientific cooperation with Europe,
  • Create a global strategy for EU-MED cooperation in the field of ICTs and ICT applications to address societal challenges,
  • Link MED-TPs with their counterparts European Technology Platforms (ETPs) and contribute to updating the European strategy for international cooperation,
  • Increase awareness on the potentialities of cooperation between Europe and MED countries in the fields of ICTs and applications of ICTs to societal challenges.

2- Project’s contact

Status Contact(s) Link(s)
Website Daniel Franco
12 project partners Europe – Maghreb – Mashrik Les partenaires MOSAIC
Project coordinator Daniel Franco – UAB, Autonomous University of Barcelona
Technical coordinator Tonny Velin – ANSWare, Software development for demanding Hi-Tech environments