ROSETTA : All Subtitling and Translation RObot 

ROSETTA  is a public-private, collaborative research and development project around the themes of artificial intelligence and content accessibility, digital development and digital inclusion for people with disabilities. 

ROSETTA has been labeled by the Cap Digital competitiveness cluster and subsidized by Bpifrance under the Future Investments Program (PIA). Set by the French State, this program supports innovative and promising projects to boost national economic growth and increase the potential for jobs in the territory.

1- Holken Consultants, In situ Tests and focus groups subcontractor

Holken Consultants & Partners is involved in the ROSETTA project as a subcontractor of the EPHE PSL  and LISN – Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire des Sciences du Numérique, as a consulting company, particularly specializing in changes in the cultural industries and the innovation markets.

As part of the ROSETTA project, Holken Consultants & Partners (HC) is involved in the sub-project 7 « Tests & Focus Groups », under the responsibility of the EPHE PSL and the Lutin Userlab, in order to anticipate the success and the realization of the final demonstrator of the project considering the following criteria: utility, acceptability, accessibility, learnability and usability. In this context, HC also carried out two international comparative studies (benchmark) with the aim of enabling the ROSETTA project to be positioned in relation to other projects and according to any needs expressed by stakeholders in the audiovisual and digital field.

HC is also involved in the subproject 8 « Project valorization ». Its objective is to promote the project, in particular through the implementation of a dissemination plan (communication & exploitation), the creation of the site and the communication of the project as well as the establishment and monitoring of the Advisory Board which accompanies the partners of the project.

2- Objectives of the ROSETTA project

In perfect harmony with the perspectives of the PIA program (Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir), the ROSETTA technological solution offers to:

  • Automate the production chain of multilingual subtitles for audiovisual content, 
  • assist the production chain with a translation into French Sign Language (LSF) represented by the animation of a virtual signer (or signing avatar), 
  • integrate these technologies into a finalized product that can be used directly by users.

3- Official video of the ROSETTA project

Discover the official video of the project ROSETTA presented by Elise Michon, research engineer at SYSTRAN and leader of the project. The video is subtitled in French, English, Spanish & Chinese, and translated in LSF (French Sign Language)