Media4D: Social Innovation Platform 

Logo de la plate-forme media4D Media4D is a brand of Holken Consultants & Partners. This social innovation platform focusses on accessibility, audiovisual and multimedia/digital content. The platform brings together several actors : companies, institutions, universities and user associations. The operation and the resulting activities are on the media4D presentation page.

1- Holken Consultants Innovation Platform Creator

This public-private project is mainly a think tank cycle that focused on the issue of accessibility and the media (the 4 screens). Still relevant, this project was supported by the State, represented by the “Direccte Ile-de-France” within the framework of “Grand Paris”. As part of the “Pôle de la Culture & la Création”, the platform was also supported by “Plaine Commune“.

Holken Consultants & Partners is the creator of this platform. It built the brand on a Think Tank program and several conferences. One of the direct and concrete results of the media4D platform is the media4Dplayer project.

2-Objectives of the platform

Media4D was born from the will and the need of the actors of the value chain. Based on networking, it was created to:

  • Promote exchanges between stakeholders from different but converging worlds,
  • Aim for inclusion and universal accessibility to content and services,
  • Create projects between different stakeholders to promote technological and social innovation,
  • Consider finding models to move from social innovation to market opportunities,
  • Make the joint work of stakeholders more collaborative and smarter,
  • Coordinate the activities of actors by combining two mechanisms:

3- Project’s contact

Status Contact(s) Link(s)
Website Holken Consultants & Partners
Executive Hadmut Holken
Media4D Partners Funders, Academics, Institutional, Communication and Organization Media4D partners