About us


Our consulting firm specializes in media, cultural and content industries, and the digital economy. We are involved in the service economy and support strategies at the crossroads between the executive management, the research & development and marketing teams.

With 30 years of experience, our firm Holken Consultants & Partners (HC) puts its expertise at the service of companies and organizations to develop their projects and to achieve their objectives. Practicing all types of projects: public, private, and public-private ones, 5 drivers define us:


  • Co-conceptualize a project
  • Engage the various stakeholders to achieve tangible trends and results
  • Assess and integrate social and societal challenges into decision-making
  • Create think tanks
  • Provide external point of views, based on factual results, to facilitate knowingly the decision-making process
  • Prepare mergers/acquisitions
  • Result in clear action plans, with a return on investment


  • Conduct b-to-b market studies
  • Manage (inter)national projects
  • Realize various strategic, positioning and marketing studies (artificial intelligence, digital accessibility, VOD, access control, e-learning, serious games, mobile TV, etc.)
  • Set up focus groups and user tests, with feedback analysis


  • Conduct targeted strategic advisory missions to accelerate the go-to-the-market of innovations and to internationalize projects and organizations.
  • Propose a unique and holistic approach according to the needs of growing digital companies or linked to the digital transformation
  • Understand/transmit/teach the issues in cross-sectoral markets: Individual Coaching — Market Analysis — Consulting
  • Anticipate content and service offerings in emerging markets


Our missions prepare the strategic approach of a market and the implementation of business plans for our clients and their innovations, content, services or products. Our intervention aims to:

  • Anticipate upcoming markets and future related business models
  • Facilitate decision-making for new innovations, content, applications or services
  • Establish strategies for development and/or communication
  • Develop the appropriate networking and/or a client portfolio
  • Create synergies that promote bi- or plurilateral markets


  • We have an in-depth knowledge of converging markets and feel confortable with transformation challenges in domains like telecommunications, media and cultural industries.
  • We also regularly intervene in other service areas (professional training, public service.)
  • We offer a specially constituted team for each project and project management for strategic studies and advice and marketing in converging or transforming markets. 
  • We compose our teams with stakeholders like business leaders, mission leaders, development managers, strategy directors, innovations or marketing leaders, communication officers and project managers